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If Air Ducts were made of glass, they would be cleaned more often. The fact is, most have not seen the inside of the ductwork, beyond what may be a few feet behind the filter or vent- therefore it could be hard to imagine the degree of pollutants constantly collecting in the air ducts, blowing into our homes & into the air we breathe day and night. Throughout the year, the amount of dust, debris & allergens that are collected and circulating through the air ducts and our home is astounding. 


Tools & Techniques

Our advance duct cleaning equipment help us deliver the cleaning results we want and you deserve. 

Our efficient HEPA vacuum is necessary for a thorough duct-cleaning job. This large portable HEPA filter-equipped vacuum cleaner unit connects directly to the duct, maintaining the section being cleaned under a negative-air pressure, preventing the release of contaminants into your home while collecting all debris loosened in the duct cleaning process.


Simply putting a section of duct under negative pressure is not sufficient to clean the duct. Agitation of the contaminants is required to loosen debris and send it into the airstream created by the negative-air machine. We use a portable air compressor and 'skipper nozzles' as well as a Rotary Brush cleaning system to further dislodge debris. The cleaning brush, which is connected to a flexible, motor-driven shaft, gives us the ability to maneuver through and remove debris from every bend in the ducts themselves.

We are proud of our work and provide visual proof of your duct system upon request. 

Our Promise

SuperNoVA pledges to provide you with accountable, reliable air duct & dryer vent cleaning services. Our goal is to keep your air systems clear year round by using the most efficient HEPA technology and by keeping tabs on the latest and most effective air duct cleaning techniques, which evolve with time and technological improvements. 


Being a locally owned and operated business, we have the ability to establish a relationship with our customers and as such have the benefit of solving your needs at a personal level. Our cleaning treatments are well known for removing the most microscopic debris from your ducts. 


Every employee at SuperNoVA understands the true nature of customer service and strives to make each appointment an experience that is unsurpassed in the cleaning industry.

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